The traditional Xia- Calendar is calculated from the second new moon of the Winter Solstice. The first Chinese calendar used was based on the 3651/4th days and it collided with the Julian calendar of Rome. The Republic of China accepted the Gregorian calendar from January 1st in the year 1912. Each year has 12 regular lunar months. The traditional Chinese day starts from midnight and it differs from the 1st day of each month which begins at midnight.

Following are the Chinese Zodiac Signs

According to the people in those days the calendar was a sacred and royal property. The astronomers predicted the major events like an eclipse and if some unforeseen natural calamity occurred then the calendar went for a total make over. The calendar in those days was inscribed on oracle bones. Like the western Callipic cycle and Metonic cycle the Chinese calendar too was calculated under various schemes. After the winter solstice the new moon would mark the beginning of a new year. The current 60 year cycle has started in the year 1984.