People born under this sign are calm and quiet, intelligence, dependable but reserved in nature. They are 'loners' and enjoy being with their thoughts most of the time even though they may be part of a group. They do not seek attention and therefore do not crave power and leadership. They will hide in the crowd and will never volunteer to lead unless they are asked to do so. They do well as interior designers, teachers particularly in arts and history, doctors in particular as pediatricians, editors, actors, florists, beautician, musicians and illustrators.

They like to dress up well and look attractive. They are creative; they do seek groups for entertainment and for travels and enjoy being a part of them. Even at work they prefer to work in groups but only for sometime as they prefer to be left alone. They are homely people. Being artistic and creative, they enjoy cooking and painting. They make good care-providers because of their caring personality.

The five elements affect the Goat in varied ways.

The Fire Goats are on fire to stay ahead of their companions and colleagues. They think for themselves and do not await anyone's approval. As they are very friendly and social, they have a close circle of friends and close family relations. They are born in 1907 and 1967.

The Earth Goats are people who love their family over and above anything else in their lives. They are independent, practical and conservative and love to enjoy life though they impart lack of confidence in themselves.

Metal Goats are born in 1931 and 1991. They are lovers of art and culture, freely delve in these and enjoy them. These people appear tough from outside in their dealings but are weak inside.

Next, the Water Goats have a personality which flows like water in that they move with the flow of the group or crowd around them. They are carefree, fun-loving, very social and happy-go-lucky personalities, and others enjoy their company. They are not self-confident people but can be difficult to mange if matters do not work out according to their plan and arrangement. They are born in the years 1943 and 2003.

Lastly, the Wood Goats love to be in the company of groups and crowds as they enjoy the company of others. They are very helpful by nature, a trait which others often take advantage of. They like to spend time just taking care of themselves. They are born in the years 1955 and 2005.

In general, Goats are healthy since they have calm and happy personalities even though on the outside they may look fragile. As Goats are more of introverts, others find it difficult to get to know them quickly. For this reason, they have few friends who are close to them. In marriage, it is the Goats who decide whom to marry and when; they remain sincere and faithful to whomsoever they marry.