Knowing your Kua Number lets you take maximum advantage of your favorable directions and reduce the bad effects of your unfavorable directions.

Kua Number Calculator

There are 2 groups of Kua Numbers viz., East Group Kua Numbers and West Group Kua Numbers. By knowing your Kua Number Group you can find out your lucky directions and based on this you can find the best feng shui directions for your main door, which directions to face while working, sleeping, etc.

Kua Number is calculated based on your Birth date and Gender.

Kua Numbers 1, 3, 4 and 9 belong to East Group

Kua Numbers 2, 6, 7 and 8 belong to West Group. A Male or Female with Kua Number 5 also belongs to this group.

By knowing your Feng Shui directions you can attract the maximum positive feng shui energy towards you and this will maximize your luck in most situations. The Feng Shui Kua Number Calculator give here is a simple online tool to calculate you Kua Number. Know your Kua, your auspicious directions and inauspicious directions and maximize your luck by facing those good directions.