Effect of Sade Sati

Saturn is believed to have a negative influence on people going through the Sade sati phase. For some, this period is usually associated with stress, struggle and is considered a period of slow (or no) progress in life. However, some astrologers consider that the hurdles and challenges encountered during this phase is to be considered as learning experience.

Knowing your shani sade sati period will help you plan your life during this period.

Sade Sati Report

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Saturn is in Aquarius Sign (Kumbha Rasi) Till Mar 29, 2025

The Moonsigns or Rashis affected by saturn are listed below.

Rasi's in Sade Sati
Aquarius (Kumbha), Pisces (Meena), Capricorn (Makara)
Rasi's in Small Panoti (Kandaka Sani)
Vrishchika (Aquarius)
Rasi's in Ashtama Sani
Karkata (Aquarius)

On 2025-Mar-29 Saturn transits Kumbha to Meena Rasi.