Though the Western calendar is followed by the Chinese since 1911, they continue to use their lunar calendar to mark their festive seasons. They are represented by twelve animals. A different animal is assigned to each year.

Chinese born under the zodiac sign, Snake, are a quiet lot, not trying to make their presence known but because of their polished manners, charming and appealing personalities, they cannot be ignored. They are very understanding and calm people. Those around them are invariably attracted towards them though the Snakes are people who focus on what they do with no intention of attracting anyone's attention. But once he is accepted by anyone, he expects him to continue so. They are not the people who can forgive and forget easily.

They are self-willed people and make sure decisions quickly. They have no time to waste in gossiping or hanging around aimlessly though they are not a very hard working lot. Even though they may not be working, their minds are occupied with strategies and schemes for deals which they can make in the future to their own benefits. They are great thinkers and very shrewd. They make good philosophers. They are quick to solve difficult problems. They are also opportunists and strike immediately when they find an opportunity appropriate for them to take advantage of.

People born under this sign depend more on their feelings or first impressions than facts or other people's opinions and advice. They cannot be depended upon for speaking the truth because they are drenched with the capability of speaking lies anytime, whenever they think they are in a fix and need a way of escape or to get anything they want. Exaggeration is part of this trait. They can be very treacherous.

Money is always at the disposal of a Snake. He never seems to lack it and yet he can be quite a miser in lending money unless he feels sympathetic towards someone who needs money. Then he will make all arrangements to help the person out financially. This gesture of his gives way to possessiveness towards that person.

A Snake is romantic and charming with a good sense of humor. Marriage can be tough as the Snake is always jealous of his partner even if he does not love her any longer. Matters become worse for him if he is rejected.

They are very secretive and can be very eluding and mysterious. This trait of their personality can drag them into religion, occult or mysticism.

He is very comfortable in any circumstance. He is an unchallenged self-disciplinarian. With these qualities and that of a being an intellectual, a Snake can go to great honours and levels in his career.