Born leaders, they can take control of any situation and lead successfully. They preach what they practice. Since they are loyal and love their family they will always protect them. If the family is going through a tough situation they will always step out to solve the problem. Since they are a happy lot they can overcome sickness easily. However their facial expression and body language very easily give in their state of mind. They love a neat clean surrounding and know how to keep their homes in a good condition. Although very trustworthy themselves they find it difficult to depend and trust others. They form good employees and are willing to help colleagues.

People belonging to the Dog zodiac sign are good judges, interior designers, politicians, and priests. They can take tasks of a counsellor, professor or even a nurse and a clerk. They are the caring and intelligent person. They will not tolerate injustice and will always stand up against any wrong doings. Avoiding gossips a dog will always keep secrets well guarded. As long as they are petted and pampered they make good company but if handled in a wrong way, they can prove to be very rude people. They are the people who love and enjoy giving others and will go to any extent to make people around them happy. They are capable of sacrificing and can win many friends as they generate a lot of warmth in any relationship.

Apparently they seem cool and composed but they are always active and they have a mind which wonders about. He expects nothing from others so he will never let anyone know what is going through his mind. He is capable of handling difficulties himself. Material gifts don't attract them as they are capable of planning their finances and will spend carefully. They are always cleverly equipped even for a rainy day. Sometimes they are misunderstood as they are inquisitive and interfere with the lives of others. They get worried easily but since they are very stable they will control them selves easily. The chaos in the world doesn't instigate them they are descent and expect others surrounding them to be very decent too. Since they know how to capture the hearts of others they will do well in whatever field they may be working. Dog zodiac personalities hold a high position in their society.

Some interesting facts about dogs are that they are West and North-West oriented people and these directions prove lucky for them. Their favorite color is light yellow. They are most compatible with Tiger, Horse and Pig. The Dog can lead a well balanced life with a Tiger. They can be really happy as a couple only with a Horse. The Dragon and Rooster zodiac are a little dangerous for the Dog. Celebrities such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and Winston Churchill all belong to this zodiac group.