The sign dragon is said to be a powerful sign and those born under this sign are dominant people who are also ambitious. They find it difficult to submit to others and prefer to have their own way of doing things. They have strength of mind and are generally successful in anything they involve themselves in. They work enthusiastically and meticulously to achieve their goal. This trait can leave them lonely and very stressed at times though they wish to be left alone, only rarely having a big company of friends. They like to work alone and undisturbed. They are short-tempered and make it obvious when disturbed unnecessary. They have leadership qualities and prefer to take up jobs where they can display their mettle, like becoming a manager, lawyer, inventor, engineer or an architect.

This sign of the dragon has five elements that affect the personalities of those born in different years between 1904 and 2012.

The Wood Dragons are those born in the years 1904 and 1964. These people are innovative, artistic and creative yet strong headed. They do give ear to others' opinion but they will have their say as well.

The Fire Dragons are born in the years 1916 and 1976. These people have no control over their emotions and are especially short -tempered. They always seek dominating positions in jobs or in society. They have the tendency to behave recklessly and take improper decisions in anger.

Metal Dragons are people born in the years 1940 and 2000. Metal adds to the strength of their personality. These men and women are very determined people. They make good leaders. They take a stand for what they believe in but at the same time appreciate anyone who takes the challenge to stand against them. Many like to follow this personality because of the good leadership capabilities.

Earth Dragons are born in the years 1928 and 1988. These dragons are more down to earth as compared to their counterparts born under other elements. This personality is more rational in thinking and so makes sensible decisions. They are not hot tempered. Instead, they are level-headed and can control their own behaviour. Though they prefer to be admired by others, they also support others when they need it.

Water Dragons are those men and women born in the year 1952 and those due to be born in the year 2012. These are soothing personalities as water calms the fire. They involve themselves with others since they are not strong-headed people. Though they see things from their own perspective they allow others to also give their opinions which they honour if the views are balanced. They don't seek to be right always.

In general, the Dragons keep in good health though they may suffer from headaches as they are frequently stressed seeking their own way. Even in marriage, they do love but put their independence before love.