The sign horse characterizes a personality that is strong in health and will, viewing life positively. Being friendly by nature, they enjoy being amidst crowds and seek to be the center of their attraction. Therefore, they do well in political career as they are gifted to capture the crowd's attention. Other careers suitable to them are tour operators, tour managers, pilots, librarians, publicists and bar tenders. As they are good communicators, they also do well as language instructors, translators, journalists and sale representatives. Being good at handling money they make excellent financiers.

Independence and freedom are the mainstay of these people. They get easily bored with same situations and friends and so are unpredictable. They move and travel much. They are proud and somewhat egoistic, and prefer to have the last say. A Horse is more interested in solving his own problems than others'. Being very witty and quick to think they answer you or complete your words even before you have finished speaking! They are stubborn and selfish and cunning. They achieve their goals through these traits because, as such, they do not have self-confidence. They have a good sense of humor and are very lively which makes them very popular. They like to dress up immaculately and impress others by their appearance.

These people have little control over their temper and do flare up easily. They are innovative and good at arts and crafts and they do well in performing arts as their career.

The five elements that affect a Horse are wood, water, metal, earth and fire.

The Fire horse is on fire always; he is restless and constantly desires frequent changes in his life situations. Fire Horses have been born in the years 1846, 1906 and 1966. They will be born in 2026 and thereafter according to the Chinese calculation.

The Earth Horses are born in the years 1918 and 1978. These people are adaptive, working hard and meticulously to gain their end. They are also very understanding and make sound decisions. They are known to have a good sense of humor.

The Metal Horses are born in 1930 and 1990. These personalities have the outstanding ‘unsettled' characteristic. They are never serious on their commitment to any project they undertake; their relationships are unstable too and their marriages do breakup.

The Water Horse have mind which is always 'flowing'. They cannot make proper plans and decisions though they are adaptive; because of their sense of humor they get a good company inspite of the drawback.

The Wood Horse are born in 1954 and still to arrive in 2014. They are strong and have a stable personality. Since they make proper decisions and can interact well with others, they do well in their professional lives.

In relationships, they are unstable when they are young and keep changing friends and partners but they become stable in later life and build stronger relationships. They love to enjoy themselves and have a happy time.