Roosters are adjustable people and can be trained into many different types of work. However they don't like to master any type of work and are not too keen on delving deep for the knowledge. They are devoted partners and will go out of their way to make their loved ones happy. Diamonds, gold jewelry and good clothes attract them a lot and they are fond of cars. When dressed in outstanding clothes they feel proud and beauty is what they search for very seriously. They are very careful while spending money a Rooster will not spend unless necessary. They have an excellent way of managing finance and it is controlled well. The Rooster make good finance advisers and they can also make success of professions like Bank Manager. They like to be flattered and want to stand out in a crowd. A Rooster is good at multitasking and will never waste time doing nothing.

They make good doctors and nurses, at the same time the keen observer makes good psychiatrists. Very friendly by nature and loyal they are loved by people around them. They make enthusiastic host and will go out of their way to make guest and friends helpful. They are courageous and helpful, at times they seem to be talkative. They are frank and talk from the heart. Good in understanding the pain of others, they make excellent administrators. They know how to organize well and will consider all points of view before taking a decision.

Insurance agent, book keeper, banker and dentists are their favorite professions. Some like being musicians and involving themselves in art too. The Rooster they live life full and enjoy every part of the world and healthily participate to make their society a better place to live in. Being practical, friendly and a lover of beauty they attract a crowd around them. Their partners are also very happy to have them at their side.

The confident Rooster is a motivation for people known to him. The stylish Rooster has a neat and clean surrounding. They love their homes and keep the place neat and organized. The Rooster over activity keeps him healthy and if he does fall ill he bounces back within no time. At times they are outspoken and will call a spade, "a spade". They are honest and hate dishonesty. Lovers of parties and social gatherings they stand out and are surrounded by people all the time.

Some interesting facts about Roosters are that their lucky direction is the West. They get along well with a Pig, Snake and an Ox. The Rabbit considers a Rooster self centered and proud and will not agree to be with them. They should avoid Sheep, Dog, Tiger and also another Rooster. Celebrities who can be clubbed together under the Rooster zodiac sign are Katherine Hepburn and Raymond Oliver.