Fun and enjoyment are the monkey traits. They are considered very clever by some and they are generally very good musician. Who with little effort can turn a wooden frame with strings to a lovely musical instrument, listening to which is a pleasure to the ears.

The monkey has the characteristic trait of being very generous. They may get inquisitive at times but can solve problems easily. If you are in a fix and need help, go make a call to a monkey and be sure to get the best solution. They are very dependable. A lady who belongs to this zodiac sign is a good sales person, is a family person and this radiant character will make a success to whatever she puts her mind at. She is conscious of her individuality and will always have a very active social life. The male belonging to the sign is also sociable and can very well adjust to their partner. In-fact they have a very strong sense of possessing the other person and will give his heart and soul to her. Sometimes they have been detected with less amount of stability in their character so they may tend to loose interest in their partner.

This passionate animal will adapt easily to the environment. Charming by nature; they take centre stage wherever they go. They love what they eat and like to take small serving and adore nibbling on to them. They love having bananas which every one knows is their favourite. These lovable, likeable and lively people have a very clear picture of people they associate with, and can read most characters correctly. At times they feel superior to all other zodiac animals and they enjoy teasing the Tiger.

Their enthusiastic ways influence others to reach higher efficiency. Monkeys don't try to hide the fact that money attracts them and they are good in business. They love art and try to develop a sense of keeping their surrounding neat, clean and luxurious. The Monkey loves attracting attention to them-selves. The monkey is very well disciplined and loves to work successfully in various fields but most of them are drawn by the show business. At times they tend and trick people to believe what they want them to believe and they also have the tendency to disturb others. The Monkey is not fond of hiding their feelings and will express them easily. They don't trust others easily but accept friends as they are and aid them when the need be.

Some interesting facts about monkeys are that the September month makes the monkey happy as it is good luck time for them. West and South West are the directions which usher in positive feelings. The lucky colour of Monkey is gold. Rat Tiger Dragon and Pig are the ones who suit a monkey personality. They should however avoid Snake and Horse at all costs. Personalities like Leonardo da Vinci, Lord Byron, Elizabeth and Julius Caesar all belong to the Monkey zodiac sign.