The persistent and very hard working people who don't give up easily are the ones who belong to the Ox zodiac sign. Most Ox are not very social and try to avoid company. They don't like others to interfere with their lives and don't disturb others themselves. The motto of their life is "Live and let Live". They have a very rigid way of thinking and people who disagree with them are in for serious trouble. They are responsible and loyal, and at times very conservative.

Being very observant they will take notice of every single aspect of life. They have remarkable memories and will not forget any incident for a long time. They are patient and understanding and they know how to keep their friends. Oxen don't fear hard work, responsibility and will go out of their way to do something with utmost care. People born under the sign of an Ox is said to be simple and direct. They at times keep their emotions hidden but are simple in their attitude and approach.

Women within this zodiac sign are good wives and take immense care of their children. They deal very seriously with every situation and are considered to be very intelligent. They don't take shortcuts and are laborious people. The lazy people in society, and people who are not honest, upsets an Ox very much. Very homely by nature they find peace within the four walls of their home. Working in the garden or yard relaxes them to a great extent. They trust others easily. They take pains to listen to the opinion of others but will take their own decision.

Some interesting facts about an Ox is that they are very fond of the colour Violet and this colour is also lucky for them. The lucky direction for an Ox is North and North-East. The Ox is very fond of being in power and enjoys prominent political positions. They try to instill in others determination and the zeal to work. They are strongly rooted to the ground and possess common sense. The Ox is a very methodical person who can be very patient at times. They symbolize something which is huge and feel they can work under any difficulty and are ready to face challenges. The risk factor of life will not make them miserable and they will always look for a solution. Professions which they prefer are engineer, banker, real estate, painter, interior designer.

Personalities who come with the zodiac sign of a Dragon, Horse, Tiger and Sheep are to be avoided for any sort of a relation with the Ox. An Ox will get along very well with Rabbit, Snake and Monkey. Celebrities like Van Gogh and Walt Disney, President Richard Nixon and Jane Fonda all belong to this group.