As they are very caring and loving; people often take unfair advantage of their calm placid and trustworthy nature. They are hardworking and always a perfectionist. They will never let anyone down and will always be caring and loving. Their own happiness and comfort always take a back seat. So at times others try to fool them and take advantage of the situation.

They have tremendous faith on others and see only the positive side of others. Being independent minded they will not want the opinion of others and never consult others during their pains. They are intelligent and knowledgeable. They are very patient listeners who refrain from talking. However they can at times talk to a great length unless they have exhausted their basket of thoughts.

The have a good taste for clothes and an excellent taste for food. Chocolates after dinner are their luxury. They do tend to over feed themselves at times. Some don't appreciate their lavishness and consider them snobbish and say they have a one track mind. They are very romantic and at the same time a bit jealous, and turn to be possessive. These pure and sincere people don't seek attention. They are scared of errors and are very forgiving when the need be. They are always courageous and confident. He trusts others easily but when it comes to him he becomes desperate for proof to prove his point.

Before taking a decision, a Pig will investigate thoroughly and then work for the goals. He is scared of mistakes and will always plan each and every step of his or her. They will work well if given a high position and will always be the one to earn very high. Executives, managerial positions, business and administration are the professions they can be very successful. If ever in any financial crunch they will not ask anyone for help but will solve their problems themselves. Work and money both seems to be attracted by him and he has no shortage of these two elements in life. He is outgoing and social, and is also very cheerful. However quiet peaceful atmosphere is what he desires. The female Pig makes a good mother and the male a good father. The Pig people are fond of making food as they are also fond of serving.

Some interesting facts about the Pigs are that the North and North-West are their favorite and lucky directions. December is their favourite month and their lucky colour is dark blue. They get along well with a Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Sheep and a Dog. However they should be careful with a Snake. They can form good partners with another Pig especially at work. Ronald Regan, Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Julie Andrews and Woody Allen all belong to the Pig zodiac of the Chinese calendar.