Good company is always a pleasure to have and will always be looked upon. They know how to carry themselves and will always demonstrate the best manner possible. The zodiac which is most luxurious and a lover of beauty; they will be seen keeping themselves and their surroundings prim and proper. Looking at themselves in the mirror and possessing a good wardrobe is what they like. A sense of good taste prevails in a Rabbit. Since they are sensitive and love beautiful things they have a tendency to collect interesting objects. Object d'art or lovely paintings can take up their time and interest. They avoid arguments and like to have a peaceful atmosphere wherever they go. They are compassionate and love to help others. Very sensitive by nature they do care for the feelings of others. They enjoy the company of others and like to stay surrounded by others. Cautious and calculative they will always study the situation before they can start taking decisions. Fond of a normal and average life they never are very aggressive.

They generally do well with their occupation. The placidity in their nature makes them avoid controversy and competitions are generally avoided. More everyday activity will help them to keep healthy and if they tend to keep any sort of unpleasantness bottled up that can lead to ill health. Careers which have an artistic bend of mind suit them the most. Actor, interior designer, public relations, teacher, writer and publisher are best suited to a Rabbit zodiac. They don't get provoked easily and avoid people with a teasing and provoking nature. The Rabbits are the happiest of the zodiac so they make others feel very positive. Diplomacy, politics and law raises the inquisitiveness of a Rabbit but yet he looks for tranquillity and a perfectly happy pleasant life is what he craves. Elegant and the stylish Rabbit are very intelligent and think before they act. The motto and the goal of a Rabbit are to have a very luxurious and comfortable life and no amount of disturbance in their surroundings can disturb them. They avoid all troublesome and inquisitive people who will cause any sort of disturbance.

Some interesting facts about Rabbit are that the direction that is most favorable to the Rabbit is the East. For the Rabbit the color which is most lucky is light green. April is a lucky month for a Rabbit.

The Tiger, Rat and Snake should be avoided. The Pig, Dragon, Sheep and Monkey are the zodiac that they will get along with them always. With a Pig zodiac sign is most compatible with the Rabbit. Famous personalities like Albert Einstein, Michelangelo and Marie Curie all belong to the Rabbit zodiac sign.