The Rat sign people are considered very optimistic and friendly which shows a very positive trait in ones character. They are charming and at times very talkative. Fun loving by nature they love attending parties and get-togethers. The quick witted rat tries achieving a lot in a short period of time. This is the reason they sometimes seem to be very aggressive. They are practical and will go a long way to earn a good amount of money. But since the luxuries of life attract them a lot they at times tend to overspend.

Belonging to that rare group of people who are highly organized they can be very good politician and businessman. They don't like discussing their own problems and are fond of living in their present moment. Apparently a Rat sitting quietly does not mean he or she is the quiet type. They have a super-fast mind which is always travelling far and wide and is even sometimes busy plotting for some situation. They are ambitious and hard working for they very well understand that hard work pays well. They enjoy travelling and some of them have a hobby of seeing new places.

Unromantic by nature they have a lovable heart. They will go out of their way to show love and toleration to their families. With people they are in relation they will give undiluted love and affection.

Being a perfectionist they sometimes get very upset to see others being careless about their work. The eye for details and not being able to hold back their intolerant feelings may also lead to some misunderstanding. It is difficult to see through the personality of a rat. They are good at hiding emotions. They are very humorous and adaptable. The creativity and inquisitive nature leads to a lot of experiments. Sometimes they are adamant and do not like to listen to others. They are obstinate and at times their one track mind puts them through some difficulties. Their stubbornness is at times looked down upon. If they are able to control their temper and are able to see the other person's version they will become one of the most loved people on this earth. The intuitive power is also responsible for their success.

Some interesting facts about the Rats are that the lucky and most suitable colours for the rats are light blue. The good luck direction for a Rat personality is North. They should under no circumstance be considered compatible with Rabbit, Horse and Sheep. Ox, Pig and Dragon best suits a Rat and they should look forward to such relations. Mozart, Plato, John F Kennedy and Marlon Brando are the famous personalities born under this Chinese zodiac sign.