How is the day going to be for people born under Libra zodiac sign? Todays horoscope predictions and report for Libra born individuals will guide you.

Libra Horoscope for October 17, Thursday

Daily Daily Horoscope for Libra

Today is a favorable day for you. Your pleasing personality attracts others. Whatever you put your hands into today is most likely to be successful. You are quite popular. You are articulate and courteous and these qualities have pulled you where you are today. Just continue to be the same without letting ego and trickery coming in your way.

Health & Wellness Health & Wellness Horoscope for Libra

Chances are high that you will be affected by some sort of fever now. It is probably viral fever, but it would be prudent to get immediate medical attention. Take precautions against allergies and viral infections, though it will be difficult to avoid. Rest is the only way to deal with this. So, make sure that you get complete rest. In fact, balancing your health with the demands of your work is your major task now.

Love & Relationship Love & Relationship Horoscope for Libra

Love is in the air, love is on the mind. Actually love is everywhere. You just have to be conscious of its presence. Take baby steps and talk to friends for advice. With many options seen today, do not be in a hurry to jump. Your silence attracts people. A little enigma around your character is alluring. Be the same.

Career & Money Career & Money Horoscope for Libra

Everything has been falling beautifully into place in the last few days in all work related issues and this is likely to create overconfidence in you. Today, it is vital that you take a step back and evaluate what is actually necessary for you and what you can achieve with your own capability. Take care that you do not bite off more than you can chew.

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