According to Vara shula, journeying in particular directions on specific days will bring us bad fortune, loss of assets and much more, and hence it is important to determine such directions before-hand to avoid them.

Derived from the direction that Lord Shiva’s trident (trishul) takes when laid down on the ground, it is recommended not to travel in that direction on that particular day of the week. Though unheeded for our routine travels, the Vara shula is but a must-to-be-followed guidance when getting out for auspices like marriage, job interview, business meetings etc.

Week Day :Tuesday
Sunrise Time :06:02 AM
Shoolam Direction :North
Shoolam Duration :4 Hours and 48 Minutes *
Remedy :Travel After : 10:50 AM *
Remedy :Milk *
Place : Ashburn, Virginia, United States [39° 2' N, 77 ° 29' W] | Date: July 16 | Ayanamsa : Lahiri | Time Zone : EDT (-04:00)

*It is better to avoid this direction totally. If it is necessary to travel then use the remedies to reduce the ill effect.

Although there is no remedy which completely mitigates the ill effects of traveling in the shulai direction, it is widely believed that taking the below steps could reduce the damages to some extend if the journey cannot be avoided in any way: Avoid the peak Shula hours at all cost, and start your journey after it passes, maybe a certain duration after sunrise. Performing poojas, chanting remedial mantras and offering donations

Taking certain food items such as jaggary, curd, milk or oil, that too on stipulated days can mitigate the effects of shula. Another mitigation exercise is for you to “start” the journey in the direction opposite to the shula direction, maybe for 4 or 5 km. Take a short halt then for like having something to drink or purchase something, before diverting your journey back in the shoola direction.

Shoolam Details

United States Ashburn, Virginia, United States
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