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Panchangam 2014 & Online Panchangam for 2015


Panchangam or Panchang is a Hindu astrological almanac and it is the official astrological calendar of practicing Hindus. A typical Panchangam has five main elements. They are Tithi (Date), Vara (days of the week), Nakshatra (Group of stars), Yog/Yoga (an auspicious moment) and Karan (Half of the part of Tithi). A Panchangam is used for Astrological and religious purposes.

Use the Panchang Calculator form given below to enter Date and Location to view the panchangam for any day at any place.

Panchangam Generator

India Chennai , Tamil Nadu , India
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Panchangam is the ancient Indian astrological calendar. This Hindu Calendar or the Panchangam covers every aspect of astrology like phase of the moon, position of stars and planets etc...

The basic purpose of panchangam is to determine the Hindu Religious Festivals and auspicious times. This Panchang Calculator will let you find daily panchangam for any country, place or city. To get Panchangam for New York or London, just enter the place name in the Location Box. You may also enter the exact latitude and longitude for accurate results.

Today's Panchangam

Displayed below is the panchangam for December 22, 2014 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Panchangam for December 22, 2014
Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Nakshatra Moola Start Time : 21/12/14 08:57 PM
End Time : 22/12/14 07:13 PM
Tithi Amavasya Krishna Paksha Start Time : 21/12/14 09:16 AM
End Time : 22/12/14 07:05 AM
Karana Naga Start Time : 21/12/14 08:14 PM
End Time : 22/12/14 07:05 AM
Kimstughna Start Time : 22/12/14 07:05 AM
End Time : 22/12/14 05:50 PM
Bava Start Time : 22/12/14 05:50 PM
End Time : 23/12/14 04:30 AM
Yoga Ganda Start Time : 21/12/14 12:04 PM
End Time : 22/12/14 09:02 AM
Rahu7:54 am - 9:18 am
Yamaganda10:43 am - 12:07 pm
Gulika1:31 pm - 2:55 pm
Place : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, Date : December 22, 2014,
Location : [13.09, 80.28] Time Zone : IST (+05:30)

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The table given below shows the daily Kaal Timings. Today's Kaal Timings (December 22, 2014) for Chennai:

Rahu Kal 07:54 AM - 09:18 AM
Yamaganda Kaal 10:43 AM - 12:07 PM
Gulika Kaal 01:31 PM - 02:55 PM
In effect Not in effect
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