They are one of the most colorful people around and look out for the variety in life. Doing the same thing all the time bores them easily. On the other hand a Gemini may some times show negative traits like being a gossiper, tattler, impatient and at times show a dual personality.

The thirst for experience and knowledge is very high among them. Being confined to a place and doing regular routine jobs are a big no for them. On the other hand adventures, staying mobile and being curious are their traits. The symbol which denotes a Geminis are the twins. Their element is air and they are governed by the planet Mercury. The stone for a Gemini is an Aquamarine. With the vibrant mental energy and a zest for life they look out for experiments in life and try to keep themselves ahead of the others.

With souls who are inquisitive all the time and which do not like to stuck at a given venue for long they keep themselves moving all the time. However their communication skills are par excellence. Geminis who doesn't talk much are found to be good writers. The fact is that either by talking or writing they will express themselves well. They prefer to keep themselves emotionally detached, so much so that they are some time thought to be self centered. They know how to go about business and earn a lot of money. But at the same time they are not very calculative and spend a lot too. Charming and a very social nature make them well known people in their neighborhood.

The teasing nature and the extra fun loving ways make them mistakenly labelled as flirts. But some are real flirts too! Since they can't concentrate in any particular job they learn a lot of things but they can't master any one of them. The urge to learn everything in a very short time does not allow them to go in the depth of a subject. Music, writing and acting are their strong hold.

For a Gemini immunity is a problem and the nervous system is a concern. Gemini should take utmost care of their hands and lungs. They need to take care of their shoulders too. Respiratory problems should be given attention to. The Gemini is a lively character but they can at times be very impatient. They may not be very good at keeping relations as they get bored easily. But friends are fond of them as they keep you interested in various activities. No one gets bored with them and never a dull moment happens to come your way when you are with a Gemini.

They should not be together with a Scorpion or a Capricorn but may try out with a Sagittarius, Virgo and a Pisces with utmost care. However an Aries, Aquarius, Cancer, Gemini, Libra and a Leo could be their friends. They should have a lot of olives cheese and nuts. Vegetables and celery are also recommended. Black tea should be replaced by green tea and coffee should be avoided at all times.

They are very fond of colors like silver, orange, pale grey and shades of yellow. Orchids are their favorite flowers. They are fond of gems like Agate and Citrine. The famous personalities of this sun sign are people like Dimple Kapadia, Mithun Chakraborty, Shilpa Shetty and Sunil Dutt. Others famous names include Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, George Bush along with John F Kennedy and Venus Williams.