Mangal Dosha

In astrology Mangal Dosha is the impact that Mars makes on a person’s life when it takes certain positions in the ascendant chart. A person born under this influence is called a Manglik. Since Mars is regarded as a bold, fiery planet, a manglik is by nature quarrelsome and aggressive. This domineering and bold nature can spell disaster in the marital relationship.

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Marriage and Mangal Dosha

When it comes to marriage, this special astrological combination brings about discord and tension. It is a deciding factor that has to be given a serious thought when you really think of getting married. The choice is yours, but it becomes a wise one when you check your horoscope for Mangal dosha. Perfect horoscope matching reduces the ill-effects of managl dosha and helps you find astrological remedies.

Mangal Dosha Calculator – Are You Manglik?? Find out

The Mungal dosha Calculator checks your horoscope and finds perfect solutions for you. Enter your birth-details in the form given below. Instantly the result page offers you the remedies and suggests ways to overcome the ill-effects.