What is Choghadiya?

Choghadiya (चौघड़िया) is an Indian astrology based muhurat or auspicious time guide. Choghadiya divides day and night into 8 equal periods starting from sunrise to sunset for day choghadiya and sunset to sunrise next day for night choghadiya.

In vedic astrology calculations, time is calculated in 'Ghadi'. Each ghadi is equvalent to 24 minutes. The word Choughadiya is derived from the hindi words "Chaw - चौ" meaning 'consisting of four' and 'ghadi' as each choghadiya is roughly 96 minutes duration.

Relatively popular in north India, especially in Gujarat, Choghadiya is reliable and astonishingly accurate in determining muhurat. Its simplicity makes it more user-friendly and helps in identifying muhurats even without the help of a jyotishi or an astrologer.

Aaj Ka Choghadiya • Friday 21st February, 2020

Given below is today's Choghadiya in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. To change place or date, click here and use the choghadiya calculator.

The timings given in 'green' are very auspicious and are shubh muhurat. The time shown in blue is auspicious. Avoid the timings in red and black as they are inauspicious.

दिन का चौघड़िया (Day Choghadiya)
Char 06:32:47 08:00:15
Labh 08:00:15 09:27:43
Amrut Vaar Vela 09:27:43 10:55:11
Kaal Kaal Vela 10:55:11 12:22:39
Shubh 12:22:39 13:50:07
Rog 13:50:07 15:17:35
Udveg 15:17:35 16:45:03
Char 16:45:03 18:12:31
रात का चौघड़िया (Night Choghadiya)
Rog 18:12:31 19:44:59
Kaal 19:44:59 21:17:27
Labh Kaal Ratri 21:17:27 22:49:55
Udveg 22:49:55 00:22:23 *
Shubh 00:22:23 01:54:51 *
Amrut 01:54:51 03:27:19 *
Char 03:27:19 04:59:47 *
Rog 04:59:47 06:32:15 *
Most Auspicious
* Next Day
Place : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India [13° 5' N, 80 ° 16' E]
Date: 2020 February 21
Time Zone : IST (+05:30)